Is turning to Syria & Iran going to provide a solution in Iraq?

Those who think that bringing Syria and Iran to the discussion table will somehow provide a solution to the situation in Iraq are at best naive. Our goal in Iraq remains as it always has been. To enable a stable, freely elected, and secure Iraqi government that protects the basic human rights of its citizens to do exactly that.  The leadership in Syria & Iran are not interested in seeing Democracy and Freedom flourish in Iraq, they are only interested in extending their own domestic control and expanding their own regional influence. Tehran and Damascus both know that once Democracy takes hold in Iraq it will not be long for the desire for those freedoms to spread to Iran & Syria.   

BAGHDAD, Nov 13 (Reuters) – U.S. President George W. Bush was under pressure from some of his closest allies on Monday to turn to arch enemies Iran and Syria for help in stabilizing Iraq amid Iraqi government paralysis and fears of all-out civil war.

A suicide bomb that killed 11 Iraqis on a minibus and news that at least nine U.S. and British troops died in the previous two days kept the pressure on Bush as he met the bipartisan Iraq Study Group on Monday to talk about changes in Iraq policy.

Monday’s violence, which also underlined Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s problems trying to curb the bloodshed, followed attacks which killed more than 100 people on Sunday including a suicide attack on police recruits which killed 35 in Baghdad.

Bush has said he is looking for “fresh perspectives” on Iraq after his Republican Party received a drubbing in last week’s mid-term elections, losing control of both houses of Congress.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair will call on Monday for Syria and Iran to be engaged in efforts to stem violence in Iraq and to secure a broader Middle East peace settlement.

Blair will argue the need for a Middle East strategy that includes making clear to Damascus and Tehran how they can help in the region while warning them of the consequences of hindering peace, a spokeswoman said.


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