Hamas and Fatah burying the hatchet in the Palestinian Family feud?

Hamas and Fatah reportedly have come to an agreement on a sort of unity government.  Is this to be a unity government that recognizes Israel’s right to exist and one that will work with the Israeli’s to formulate a lasting peace? Or much more likely, a unity government that will attempt to advance the Hamas charter and seek the destruction of Israel. As long as one party in the conflict desires to continue the violence and refuses to accept the others right to even exist the there will be no peace.  

The continued conflict and violence benefit only the terror supporting regimes of Iran and Syria. They are useing the blood and suffering of palestinians as mere pawns in an effort to increase thier own regional influence.

GAZA CITY: A U.S.-educated professor with ties to both Hamas and the rival Fatah Party is the leading candidate for Palestinian prime minister in an emerging unity government, officials said Monday.

The militant Hamas group and Fatah have agreed that Mohammed Shabir, 60, formerly the head of Gaza’s Islamic University, should head the new government, Moussa Abu Marzouk, a top official at the Syrian headquarters of Hamas, told The Associated Press.

Fatah and Hamas have been discussing the idea of a coalition government for months but have been unable to reach a deal. Agreeing on a new prime minister marks an important sign of progress.

Shabir did not deny that he was being considered, but said he had not been officially designated. Shabir, who has a doctorate in microbiology from West Virginia University, is considered to be close to Hamas but not an active supporter.


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