Rummy to Face War Crimes Charges?

From The Blotter

Rumsfeld_donald2_nr Though he is now the former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld is expected to be accused of war crimes in a lawsuit to be filed next week in Germany.

The Center for Constitutional Rights will file the suit on behalf of a group of Iraqi detainees as well as the so-called 20th hijacker, who is currently being held at Guantanamo Bay.

A bit on CCR from Discover the Network

When law-enforcement agencies attempted, in the wake of 9/11, to conduct voluntary interviews with several thousand Middle Eastern men who were in the United States on temporary visas, CCR denounced such “racial profiling”; it issued this same complaint in response to the government’s detention of hundreds of non-citizens from the Middle East for possible terrorist connections.

When Attorney General Ashcroft warned in 2002 that visa violators would henceforth be arrested, CCR characterized his comments as “chilling.” When new regulations permitted the FBI, CIA, and INS to share information about possible terrorist plots with one another, CCR lamented such assaults on “our privacy.”

CCR’s views on the political and psychological roots of anti-American terrorism were summarized in March 2002 by the organization’s President, Michael Ratner, who said: “If the U.S. government truly wants its people to be safer and wants terrorist threats to diminish, it must make fundamental changes in its foreign policies … particularly its unqualified support for Israel, and its embargo of Iraq, its bombing of Afghanistan, and its actions in Saudi Arabia. [These] continue to anger people throughout the region, and to fertilize the ground where terrorists of the future will take root.” Condemning America’s post-9/11 “aggression” against Afghanistan, Ratner suggested that as an alternative to war, the U.S. ought to “treat the attacks on September 11 as a crime against humanity, establish a UN tribunal, extradite the suspects, or if that fails, capture them with a UN force, and try them.”

CCR has been a strong supporter of radical attorney Lynne Stewart, who in February 2005 was convicted on charges that she had illegally “facilitated and concealed communications” between her client, the incarcerated “blind sheik” Omar Abdel Rahman, and members of his Egyptian terrorist organization, the Islamic Group, which has ties to al Qaeda. CCR called Stewart’s indictment in 2004 “an attack on attorneys who defend controversial figures, and an attempt to deprive these clients of the zealous representation that may be required.

In March 2005, CCR joined with the parents of deceased anti-Israel activist Rachel Corrie (the International Solidarity Movement volunteer who was accidentally crushed to death while trying to obstruct the path of a bulldozer that was engaged in anti-terror operations by Israeli Defense Force soldiers in Gaza) in filing a federal lawsuit against Caterpillar Inc., the Illinois-based manufacturer of the bulldozers used for such purposes by the IDF. Arguing that Caterpillar had violated international and state laws by providing the IDF with this machinery, CCR sued the company, marking the first time that American citizens had filed suit against a U.S. corporation for alleged misdeeds in a foreign country.  

One of CCR’s major benefactors is none other than George Soros.. I bet that is a suprise to everyone.

A bit more from the Brian Ross Post 

The suit is being brought in Germany because a “universal jurisdiction” law there allows German courts to claim jurisdiction over war crimes even if they were committed outside that country’s borders.

CCR filed a similar lawsuit in Germany two years ago. That suit charged that Rumsfeld, former CIA Director George Tenet and other senior officials were responsible for the torturing of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison. The suit was dismissed, however, because German prosecutors said the case had no connection to German citizens nor to events that took place in Germany.

So since Germany has this “universal jurisdiction” they must have cases against Saddam Hussein, or perhaps against Slobodon Milosovich, or the Sudanese leadership for the genocide in Darfur… Well none that I could find.  I am not saying that those or similar cases do not exist but if they do I certainly could find no record of them.  I guess they don’t go after tinpot dictators, or those who actually commit war crimes… just those whos only goal is to protect us from terrorism.    

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