No Plan for Bolton Confirmation in Senate

WASHINGTON —  U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton won’t get a hearing before the 109th Congress adjourns, effectively killing any chance he would have of being confirmed for his post.

Members of the current Senate coming together next week in a lame duck session to vote on remaining spending bills left unfinished before the October campaign season, but they are not going to vote on Bolton, staff members for Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist told FOX News on Thursday.

Part of Bolton’s inability to get through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is the result of opposition from Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee.

Chafee, who lost his re-election and is considering whether to leave the GOP altogether, said he has not changed his reservations about Bolton nor does he think now is the time for a fight.

As much as I like John Bolton, rather than send him back to the UN we should just hire a messenger service to deliver an eviction notice to Kofi & Co.  And when Kofi goes he can take Chafee with him.

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