Dems take the House… Senate still up in the air…


WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats captured more than enough Republican-held districts Tuesday to seize control of the House after a dozen years in the minority as voters demonstrated disenchantment with a war, a president and a scandal-scarred Congress.

Winning 23 GOP seats, if Democrats hold nearly all of their own, they would rise to power and clear the way for Rep. Nancy Pelosi to become the country’s first female House speaker. By early Wednesday, no Democratic incumbent had lost.

The Ball is now in the Democrats court, my guess is on two issues they fumble. Like the former Republican leadership they will seek to advance an amnesty bill through congress, and like the former Republican leadership they will largely fail.

In The War on Terror, if Democrats are able to enact the Cut-N-Run policy they want to they will find that our enemies will become emboldened, and that our allies will likewise have less faith in American resolve to see an issue through.  

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Project Valour-IT is a Charity that provides voice activated Laptops to the servicemen & women who have sacraficed far more for our country than anyone could have expected. Click on the pic to the left to read more about the milblogg campaign in support of this worthwhile effort or click here to contribute. All Donations are Tax Deductable.  I will be running this a the bottom of each post through Veterans Day.

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