Vote suppression in Philly…

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From RedState earlier today:

In wards 7, 19, 51 in Philly, PA, the crowds are going wild. Inside several voting locations, individuals have poured white out onto the polling books and the poll workers are allowing voters to go into the polls and vote without first registering. Several individuals are on hand demanding that voters vote straight Democrat.RNC lawyers have headed to the scene of the incidents, which are occurring in mostly hispanic precinct locations. The District Attorney has also been contacted.

More from the ground: Reports of voter intimidation by son-in-law of Philadelphia City Commissioner in 19th Ward. Carlos Mantos is not allowing Republican poll watchers with valid poll-watching certificates monitor polling places.

Here’s the video of Carlos Mantos preventing Republican poll watchers access. He insists that the ward is 100% Democrat anyway, so telling people to vote straight Democrat isn’t cheating Republicans. However, he argues, simply letting Republican poll watchers into the polling station could prevent Democrats from voting. Got that logic?

So 100% of those in his district have always voted for Democrats? 100%… Some how I gotta call Bullshit.. 

Just another effort by the DNC to keep out the vote… 

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  1. paul

    Speaking as a diehard liberal, this is total bullshit. The more people watching the election the better, where do these people get off turning away certified poll-watchers?

    I hope these guys get what’s coming to them, as well as anyone else trying to screw over the vote.

  2. Paul;

    Thank you for your comment, and I agree completely the shennanigans by both political machines in this election is disgusting.

    Thanks again


  3. that is just plain terrible.

  4. I’m with all of the above. This is crap. Elections need to be fair and DEMOCRATIC. COnisdering us bleeding heart liberals have given Bush such a bashing over not being democratically elected due to his tomfoolery, to see democrats doing the same actually makes me feel physically sick.

  5. Alabaster,

    I am sure that we will disagree on much, begining with the statement that Bush was not democratically elected… But we do agree on one thing.. Political machines be they Democrat or Republican undermine our Republic..

    Thanks for the comment

  6. Bush was the first president appointed by the Supreme Court. On September 12th, 2001, the news was released, but buried deep in the papers that Al Gore actually won the recount, but nobody wanted a government crisis the day after a terrorist attach. So while he was actually elected in 2004, he probably would not have been had Al Gore taken office. (Not too many candidates run for president again after losing.)

    We do agree that it was disgusting that official poll watchers would be kept out and that others were pressuring people to vote nothing but Democrat. I voted for some from each side and nobody spoke to me during my filling out my ballot. It won’t help Philly’s reputation at all if this is really occurring.

  7. Wokan…

    First off the election was in 2000… the Supreme Court set aside the Florida Supreme court ruling in November 2000 that ordered recounts of specific districts in Florida… Essentially saying that if Florida was to recount they would have recount the entire state. Secondly the NY Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and I think it was Time Magazine conducted independent recounts of the Florida ballots… they all agreed Bush won.

    Get over it

    But thanks for your comment.


  8. No way not the “New Direction for America”, but we have no idea what it is crowd. Very scary to have them in power. Better stock up on guns and pork.

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