Virginia Turnout “Extraordinarily High”


Reports from around Virginia early today indicated an extraordinarily high turnout for a midterm election, with perhaps 65 percent of registered voters expected to cast ballots, a state elections officials said. That would double the midterm turnout in 2002.

“I’ve talked to registrars in Fairfax and Spotsylvania and a number of localities and so far the turnout is pretty high,” said Clay Landa, a policy analyst at the state Board of Elections.

In Roanoke County, registrar Judy Stokes said turnout in the Republican-leaning county was very heavy this morning. Two precincts hadn’t reported their figures.

“They’ve been so busy they haven’t had time to call in,” she said.

Jean Jensen, the board’s secretary, also reported “several instances” of what she called voter intimidation and relayed the complaints to the Virginia attorney general’s office and the U.S. Justice Department.

Landa called the complaints anecdotal and difficult to confirm.

No one can say yet what the high turnout means for either Senator George Allen or the Democrat Challenger Larry Flint Jim Webb.

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