The Polls are still open for the Mid Term elections of 2006. Who wins or loses has yet to be determined and in some districts it may be several days before that determination is made. But what happens next? Many in the Republican Party were at least dissatisfied with the Republican led congress inability to hammer through legislation on Immigration, or Social Security reform, as well as the various scandals that hit both Republicans and Democrats, and the consistantly bad (though distorted) news from Iraq.

Democrats had an opportunity to take control of both the House and Senate and their expectations were high, but they could not agree on a single message, or a common platform. Sure they came up with the Culture of Corruption… but the scandals hit Democrats just as hard as they did Republicans…  so the Culture of Corruption was out… and the New Direction was in… yet no one has bothered to explain what that New Direction is or where it leads. Had the Democrats been able to put together a simple plan similar to Newt Gingrich’s Contract With America, I don’t think that it would have been any question that Dems could have swept themselves into power in both houses of congress.  I am not suggesting that Democrats addopt the issues that the former speaker used, but clearly identifying the goals that he wanted a Republican Congress to accomplish or at least bring to a vote certainly helped the Republicans gain control of the House after decades of Democrat domination.  

Democrats could only agree on one part of their platform, the I hate Bush Part. Since they couldn’t come to agreement on any sort of national agenda the vote today will be largely played out on the local issues which is something that helps Republicans.  My best guess is that they will at most pick up 3 seats in the Senate and between 14 – 18 in the House.  Under most circumstances picking up that many seats in the house would be considered a tremendous success… But Democrats got their expectations set too high, openly bragging about picking up 30 – 40 seats as well as gaining control of the Senate.  So when they miss those expectations by as much as 50% their effort will be viewed as a failure.  For Dems it gets worse. 

If Democrats do gain control of the House, Nancy Pelosi will likely be Speaker. One of the more Liberal Democrats from the probably most liberal congressional district in the country will take the gavel and the podium every day… Democrats in Red States will be cringing on what she will say or do next, and you can bet that much of that will be featured throughout the bloggosphere.  Many from within her own party will distancing themselves from her and her agenda.  

Even if Democrats were to happen to get both the House and Senate, remember that one strategy the Dems used or threatened to use that infuriated Republicans.. the Filibuster.. Democrats would now be the ones upset over its use. And then there is the Veto.. No one has even suggested that this election could garner enough Dems in congress to override a Presidential Veto, and chances are that President Bush would be much more willing to Veto legislation out of a Democrat congress rather than one led by Republicans. He could also drive the agenda by pointing out the failures of a Democrat led Congress to act on various issues labeling them a Do Nothing Congress as Truman did in 1948.  This would certainly paint the Democrats as ineffective and incompetent going into 2008…

Democrats may win today, but the question is do they really want to? 

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  1. Dogkees

    My fear is that the Democrats ‘really’ win. At first I thought they would expose themselves over the course of the next to years reminding the public why they were voted out in the first place; but then I remembered the liberal media. We cannot forget the power of the press and how they spin the news and only report what they want the public to know. Items involving Democratic scandals are often reserved for page 46 somewhere near the obituaries. Then there is CNN—the Clinton Network and their sister MSNBC. Let’s not forget how all the good news about the economy and the low unemployment rates were handled by the media—barely touched upon. However, if you recall such news made the front pages for weeks when Clinton was in the Whitehouse. Their power will be enormous and I see dark days ahead.

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