From Fox News

Pennsylvania voters handed the U.S. Senate’s No. 3 Republican his first political defeat Tuesday, rejecting conservative stalwart Rick Santorum in favor of Democrat Bob Casey, the mild-mannered son of a former two-term governor.

Other Races that will likely go to Democrats: Mike DeWine in Ohio appears to have lost his re-election bid to Sherrod Brown, however some of the precincts were held open later because of some earlier problems that delayed polls opening. Bob Menendez apparently won his bid to remain in the Senate despite being the target of an ongoing corruption investigation. As a surprise to me Ben Cardin won in Maryland defeating Michael Steele who I considered to be the best candidate of either party running for any office. Joe Lieberman won his independent re-election bid defeating the Koskid candidate Ned Lamont.

Control of the Senate will hinge on who wins in Missouri, Virginia, Tennessee, & Montana. All these races are as yet too close to call. For Republicans to maintain control they will need to win in two of those states…

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Project Valour-IT
(Voice-Activated Laptops for OUR Injured Troops)
In memory of SFC William V. Z


Project Valour-IT is a Charity that provides voice activated Laptops to the servicemen & women who have sacraficed far more for our country than anyone could have expected. Click on the pic to the left to read more about the milblogg campaign in support of this worthwhile effort or click here to contribute. All Donations are Tax Deductable.  I will be running this a the bottom of each post through Veterans Day.


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