Chavez couldn’t buy his UNSC Seat, but Nicaragua is bought & paid for

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (Reuters) – Daniel Ortega, a former Marxist revolutionary and U.S. Cold War enemy, headed toward a dramatic return to power in Nicaragua’s presidential election, early results showed on Monday.

With returns in from almost 15 percent of polling stations in Sunday’s election, the 60-year-old Ortega had just above the 40 percent mark that would seal a first-round win and give him back the presidency 16 years after he was voted out at the end of a brutal civil war against U.S.-backed Contra rebels.

To secure the election for his socialist comrade, Hugo Chavez provided subsidized oil to communities that supported Ortega… essentially buying votes and the election.

Previous post on Chavez and his efforts to expand his socialist alliance in Latin America.

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