Winning or losing in Iraq defines our future

Regardless of how next week’s elections eventually play out, regardless of how the stock market does, or what legislation gets passed, our future will be defined by what happens in Iraq.  Iraq is not Las Vegas… What happens there is not going to stay there.  If we lose terrorists will be emboldened and expand their exports of extremist fanaticism and terror. If we win we will have established a representative government that protects the basic human rights of its citizens, and offer a bit of hope to the millions of people oppressed in the despotic regimes of the region. 

It doesn’t matter what anyone’s point of view on the justification of this war is; the bottom line is that we are at war. We are there and nothing anyone can do can change that fact. Congress debated and voted in 2002 to authorize the President to utilize our Military to force Iraq into compliance with a multitude of UN Resolutions, oust one of the most brutal dictatorial regimes the world has ever seen, and defend the national security of the United States. Once the decision was made to go to war the debate and discussion ended. From that moment on the only two choices on the table were victory or defeat. Make no mistake, withdrawing our forces before victory is achieved is a defeat.

If America leaves Iraq before our mission there is complete whether you agree with that mission or not, we will have handed the Islamists a far more significant victory than even the bloody attack of September 11th. It would validate their most powerful recruiting tool; that weak Americans will inevitably be defeated by Jihad, and the future belongs to a despotism based on Islamic Tyranny and radicalized Islam. The effects on our Allies would be even worse especially those who are themselves under threat from Islamic Fundamentalists. How many would conclude that appeasing the terrorists would be their best hope of survival?

Many continue to claim that the war in Iraq is a recruiting boom for the terrorists… do those making that claim consider what effect an American defeat in Iraq do to those recruiting numbers. Omar at Iraq The Model has a post that is a must read. Here are the last two paragraphs;

We need the decision-makers to rise above the rhetoric of who’s right and who’s wrong and focus on protecting the world from falling prey to the vicious enemies of civilization.

We are in the middle of this situation now and losing is not an option.
You know what, maybe the world isn’t going to harvest direct benefits from winning the battle of Iraq but the world still has to spare no effort to win this battle, again not because winning will bring direct benefits but because losing here will bring subsequent losses that would no doubt be great.

The finger pointing by politicians on both sides currently being played out in the media may gain a few political points in the polls, but it also has a negative effect on what we need to do to win this war. It is a sad state of our political affairs when short term political gains are ahead of national security on the priority list of some of our elected officials. Politicians on both sides are guilty of this and they all should be ashamed.

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