Steele & Cardin tied in Maryland Senate Race


steel-cardin-dead.jpgIn the race for Senate, the new survey shows Republican Michael Steele and Democrat Ben Cardin are tied with 47% of the vote. Unlike other pollsters, SurveyUSA has consistently showed the race tied. One explanation: SurveyUSA’s turnout model is 26% black. Of black likely voters, 33% vote for the Republican Steele, who is black. If less than one-third of blacks vote Republican, the Democrat Cardin wins. Other polling firms show both a lower black turnout and less support among blacks for Steele.

In an earlier post I said I felt this was at least a toss up if not to Steele’s advantage.  My reasoning behind this was that Cardin had an ugly primary contest with Mfume that left many black voters dissatisfied with Cardin and the Democratic leadership in Maryland. Steele is a highly articulate candidate who has demonstrated his substantial knowledge of both the local and national issues. 

I’ll go out on a limb here and predict that Steele will win by at least a 4 – 5 % margin.    

Take a look at Mary Kathrine Ham’s Interview with Steele here

Hat Tip Hot Air  digg story

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