Not all is well in the Model Iranian Society

From Iran Focus 

Tehran, Iran, Nov. 02 – More than half a dozen people have been hanged in Iran’s south-eastern province of Sistan-va-Baluchestan, were anti-government sentiment is high, since the start of the week.

The semi-official daily Jomhouri Islami reported on Thursday that two “troublemakers” accused of being Mofsed-o-fel-Arz (meaning corruptors of society, whose blood can be spilled) were hanged in the provincial capital Zahedan.

The two men, identified as Hadi Daryakesh Naroui and Azizollah Najjarian, were hanged in public on Wednesday.

Daryakesh was accused of kidnapping, shooting, and spreading fear in society, while Najjarian was accused of drug trafficking.

On Wednesday, the hard-line daily reported that six men were hanged in public in Zahedan for “instigating trouble”.

The report stated that three “trouble-makers” were hanged in front of a crowd of several thousand people Monday morning. The men, identified as Mohsen Sargolzaee, Nader Kaharzehi, and Maijd Kaharzehi, were charged with kidnapping, shooting, and spreading fear in society and declared to be Mofsed-o-fel-Arz.

Here is a quote from IRNA (Iran’s Official News Agency)  from October 16th… The Subject of the article is Iranian Nuclear Weapons Programs, but the last two paragraphs seem relevent to this story.

“Iran, as a religious government which functions on the teachings of divine prophets, shoulders a very heavy responsibility of standing as a model society for others to follow,” the president said.

Ahmadinejad also highlighted the significance of implementing justice and creating equal opportunities for all sectors of society, and called on the people to reinforce their unity and contribute to building of the country by relying on God.

So public hanging is part of a model society?

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