Voter Fraud is alive and well even if the voters aren’t.. The need for election reform

The left consistently claims voter fraud and voter disenfranchisement when they loose an election. It happened in 2000, 2002, & in 2004. The left also adamantly objects to national and state initiatives to reduce if not eliminate voter fraud. It is amazing that those on the left consider voters being required to prove their eligibility to vote is a greater threat to democracy than those who vote illegally. I would guess that is because those who vote illegally generally favor democrats. 

Here is this from the Poughkeepsie Journal.

Steven T. Vermilye was a home inspector and general contractor who grew up in Westchester County, went to college in Texas and settled in New Paltz in 1971.

David S. Stairs was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and came to the mid-Hudson Valley in 1927, where as a 16-year-old he pounded hot rivets into the New York Central Railroad at Croton-Harmon and then spent 45 years working his way up through Texaco’s research center in Glenham.

Betty L. Johnson came from a small town in Virginia and moved to Beacon when she was 17, raised eight children while boxing duct tape at Tuck Tape and working in the kitchen at the Castle Point veterans hospital.

The three mid-Hudson Valley residents had little in common during their lives, but share one thing now: They all have records of casting a vote after they had died. 

The three instances above are attributed to clerical errors not voter fraud, however the potential for voter fraud is there and amazingly enough the instances of dead people casting a ballot favors Democrats by a 4-1 margin.. I live in New York City, and know that this is a Democrat dominated liberal state but the split is certainly not 80% – 20%.

The new statewide database of registered voters contains as many as 77,000 dead people on its rolls, and as many as 2,600 of them have cast votes from the grave, according to a Poughkeepsie Journal computer-assisted analysis.

The Journal’s analysis is the first to examine the potential for errors and fraud in NewYork’s three-month-old database. It matched names, dates of birth and ZIP codes in the state’s database of 11.7 million voter registration records against the same information in the Social Security Administration’s “Death Master File,” a database of 77 million records of deaths dating to 1937.

Among the Journal’s findings:

  • The Journal identified dead people on the voter rolls in all 62 counties and people in as many as 45 counties who had votes recorded after they had died.
  • One address in the Bronx was listed as the home for as many as 191 registered voters who had died. The address is 5901 Palisade Ave., site of the Hebrew Home for the Aged.

  • Democrats who cast votes after they died outnumbered Republicans by more than a 4-to-1 margin. The reason: Most of them came from Democrat-dominated New York City, where higher population produced more matches.

  • With new revelations earlier this month about ACORN’s registration drive practices and its results, it is evident that Democrat affiliated groups are attempting to effect election results by less than honest if not criminal means.  ACORN is registering voters in 17 States for 2006 midterm elections.  Here are some of the examples that have many questioning ACORN and their registration practices.

    • Philadelphia’s municipal voter registration office has rejected about 3,000 cards submitted by ACORN.

    • In Ohio, election officials in three of the state’s largest counties have cited problems with hundreds of voter registration cards. ACORN is accused of submitting cards with nonexistent addresses, forged signatures and, in one case, for someone who died seven years ago.

    • Denver County election officials forwarded about 200 cards to the secretary of state’s office after finding similar handwriting on signatures. The Denver Election Commission says it’s been unsuccessful in working with ACORN to reduce problems with voter registration cards. Colorado officials had investigated similar concerns about the group’s registration cards two years ago.

    • Hundreds of fraudulent voter address changes have been submitted to St. Louis County election officials by ACORN, the activist group that has been criticized for its voter sign-up work elsewhere in the nation.

    This report from the NY Times has people concerned about electronic voting machines:

    The federal government is investigating the takeover last year of a leading American manufacturer of electronic voting systems by a small software company that has been linked to the leftist Venezuelan government of President Hugo Chávez.

    The inquiry is focusing on the Venezuelan owners of the software company, the Smartmatic Corporation, and is trying to determine whether the government in Caracas has any control or influence over the firm’s operations, government officials and others familiar with the investigation said.

    Democrats will likely be claiming voter suppression and other voter irregularities next Tuesday and Wednesday, citing low voter turn out as evidence of that vote suppression campaign. Yet the New York Times on Sunday wrote this article; Remember to Vote, Hope It Counts. When decidedly left wing News Papers are insinuating to their readers that votes will not count why are they surprised when people don’t show up at the polls?  

    The Bottom line is that we as a nation must have a voting system that we have faith in. It seems absolutely reasonable to me to require photo ID to be presented when voting, it seems just as reasonable to me to provide a paper record of that vote (similar to an ATM receipt).  Voter Rolls with 77,000 dead people doesn’t do an awful lot to instill confidence in the voting system either.

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