The Paper of Treason blatantly attempting to influence election

Interesting that they would only do this the week before an election.  Do they have permission from the families of the servicemembers to use those funerals as a blatant political statement. If so the families it seems to me have shamelessly cheapened the military member’s service & sacrafice to his country.  If the NYT does not have permission to use the photos in this way, then those families should own the paper..     

From Drudge 

NYT SETS PHOTO ESSAY FOR PAGE ONE MONDAY: Burials of soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery nearly every day over the last week… Developing…

Update: The NYT has the Photo Essay on their web site… I will not put the link here since I refuse to use the sacrafice many of our servicemembers have made in a political statement.  which is exactly what the NYT is doing.

Also check out Michelle Malkin’s post on News paper circulation… ‘One newspaper beats the trend’ … Here is a hint… It is NOT the New York Times….   It’s blatant one sided activism is one of the reasons circulation for the Paper of Treason has been in steady decline.

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  1. Emotional appeals apparently work on democrats – they gave up thinking over a decade ago.

  2. Charles Moulton

    Bush has been hiding causlities all along. The burials are real. Live with it.

    Korean Combat Vet

  3. Jane

    Hundreds of thousands of dead human beings because Bush lied and continues to lie. The morons who believe what he says are exactly what Gurdjieff said they are and Karl Rove knows they are: mindless automatons. THINK FOR YOURSELVES KATHYS OF THE WORLD!

  4. Jane…

    Hundreds of thousands dead because of Bush??
    It is more like millions have an oppertunity to choose their own destiny because of strong leadership in this administration.. and I assume you are talking about Iraq… Saddam had 12 years to comply with 17 UNSC Resolutions something he failed to do… any casualties as a result of that… The blood is on Saddam’s hands not Bush’s.

  5. Charles, Thank you for your service and your comment..

    Bush has not been hiding any casualties, note the policy preventing that forbids news media coverage of the return of fallen troops was enacted in 1991… Bush was not even governor of Texas then. President Clinton’s administration also enforced that policy. Unfortunately that policy was overturned by the courts citing first ammendment rights. The Policy was enacted to prevent the remains of service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice to be the subject of any kind of attention that is unwarranted or undignified. This is exactly what the NY Times did today. They utilized the remains of servicemembers to make a political statement.. The Times is a disgrace.

    Thanks again for your Comment..

    Darrell, Also a Combat Veteran and Military retiree.

  6. TantheBlackhearted

    It never ceases to amaze me the comments I see about thinking for yourself.

    So “independent thinker” Jane, a few questions for you:

    What is Salman Pak?
    What occurred at Taiwatha?

    Let’s see if you beat the odds. To date, not one of you independent thinkers has been able to answer those questions.


    Thank you for your service.

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