Stem Cell Research & Politics

This weeks Fire Storm over Michael J Fox’s Stem Cell ad and Rush Limbaugh’s response to it was the subject of many blog posts, not to mention headlines and news broadcasts nationwide. You have to admit the Dems played this up extraordinarily well. Rush made one crucial error, he made Fox the Issue and not the message that Fox was delivering. That was unfortunate since there is much about the message that Fox delivered that should have been discussed.  Much in what Fox was saying was definitely misleading. First Fox implies that Embryonic stem cells offer a tremendous amount of hope for those who are suffering from Parkinson’s, M.S. and other debilitating diseases.  This is what Dr. Wolfgan Lillge said about Embryonic Stem Cell research.  

Generally, advocates of research with embryonic stem cells use as their main argument that such research will enable us to cure all of the diseases that are incurable today–cancer, AIDS, Alzheimers, multiple sclerosis, and so forth. On closer inspection, however, the much extolled vision of the future turns out to be a case of completely empty promises: Given the elementary state of research today, it is by no means yet foreseeable, whether even one of the hoped-for treatments can be realized.

Secondly Fox claims that Senator Talent wanted to criminalize the science that gives us a chance for hope. Infact what Senator Talent Co-Sponsored was legislation which would ban all forms of human cloning which does include embryonic therapeutic cloning techniques that are seen as crucial to stem cell research.

It is indisputable that Embryonic stem cell research presents us with moral dilema’s that there are no readily available answers to. Especially when we in reality have no idea what we are doing or what the results might be. It makes far more sense to pursue proven techniques with Adult Stem cells & Umbilical Stem Cells that have produced therapeutic results. We can pursue this research when the technology becomes available that will allow Embryonic Stem Cell research that doesn’t pose the moral questions it does now.    



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