Military personnel speaking out?….

The sum total of Hutto’s experiences of Iraq is one six month tour in the Persian Gulf taking photographs aboard the Big Stick (USS Theodore Roosevelt). There are a lot of guys in the military that know a great deal more about sacrifice than Mr. Hutto. The vast majority of them still support the mission. Hutto’s efforts however, will get him far more attention in the media as the liberal spinmasters will play this up as some sort of military revolt against a war they do not support… But that is just the spin… and it bears no resemblance to the truth…

Mr. Hutto is not your typical Navy airman… Typically E-3’s in the Navy are not that long out of high school.. Mr Hutto attended Howard University, Worked for Amnesty International and was a 5th grade teacher for a period of time.  He was also a political activist.  The Media however will pretty much Ignore Hutto’s prior service Anti-War Activities such as his involvement in a Jan 2003 event titled Black Voices for Peace MLK Peace Celebration. His name is a bit difficult sort out from all the other names and titles on the list, so I’ll paste it below for everyone to read. (emphasis added is mine)

Peta Lindsay, student organizer, International A.N.S.W.E.R, Razea Aiken, aka Miss Olivia, high school student entrepreneur; Katea Stitt, co-chair, Black Voices for Peace, and programmer, WPFW Radio; Jonathan Hutto, Amnesty International…

Mr. Hutto’s political activism didn’t start nor end with the Black Voices for Peace Celebration For instance he and a classmate helped organize Louis Farakhan’s Million Man March. Rather than being being a military member who changed his mind on the justification and necessity for the war we are in Hutto is far more likely left wing activist who was attempting to create what appears to be a “grassroots” effort from within the Military itself.  Greyhawk has more information that shows this to be the well organized and financed effort by far left organizations to undermine our mission in the War on Terror by undermineing those who are fighting it.

Regardless… Mr Hutto and his left wing buddies have recruited less than 200 people to sign the letter they want to send to congress.  Since there are 1.4 million servicemembers within the various branches of our government I would say that his efforts are in reality nothing to brag about.  

Check out Media Lies post on this as well as Greyhawk’s post here and here.    



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