Iraq Video showing some of the progress we have made…

Glenn Beck provides the good news in Iraq much of the media won’t show in this heartwarming video.

Car bombings and Terrorist attacks are only part of the story in Iraq. Unfortunately the media only portrays the terrorist side…

Also see Blue Star Chronicles DoD calls out the MSM



  1. Alex Devan

    this is the best video I’ve seen yet, this is the reason why I feel that we must stay the course in Iraq.

  2. Alex I couldn’t agree more… Everyone needs to see this video, If Dems want to make the election a referendum on Iraq, Voters need to know the whole truth about what is happening there.. The bad as well as the good.

    Thanks for your comment


  1. 1 October in Iraq « Morning Coffee

    […] Of all of these reports out of Iraq, the only one I saw in any of the major media was the story about the schools opening in Kirkuk. Ironically enough, Neil Cavuto on Fox was commenting on it as an example of the under reporting of our accomplishments in Iraq. Democrats and the Media have consistantly attempted to make the election next week a refferendum on Iraq yet consistantly failed to report the full story of what is happening in Iraq. The situation in Iraq is not as we had hoped it would be 3 years after Saddam’s removal from power, It also is not nearly as bad as portrayed in the media either. There have been many who criticize the President or Rumsfeld for the operation in Iraq, and some of that criticism is justified. A good portion of that criticism is made with hindsight, note that this is a view that neither the president nor Secretary Rumsfeld had at the time decisions are made. The accomplishments we have made in Iraq, and there are many, need to be out there as well.  If you have not seen it yet I highly suggest checking out Glen Beck’s Video on some of the accomplishments in Iraq.   […]

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