Tiny Tyrant of the Norks making more threats

Once again the Tiny Tyrant of the Norks is making threats… Now he is threatening to make South Korea “pay dearly” if they join in international sanctions implemented after Kim Jong Il’s Nuclear test..  

Oct. 26 (Bloomberg) North Korea said it will make South Korea “pay dearly” should it join United Nations sanctions imposed on the communist country for ignoring international demands and carrying out a nuclear test on Oct. 9.

The threat, which came in a statement by Korea’s Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland released by the state-controlled Korea Central News Agency late yesterday, North Korea’s first warning to the South since the United Nations Security Council on Oct. 14 imposed sanctions.

If the South Korean authorities end up joining U.S.-led moves to sanction and stifle, we will regard it as a declaration of confrontation against its own people,” the statement said. South Korea will have to pay dearly and be held responsible if international sanctions joined by the South bring forth destructive results in inter-Korean relations.”

We have two choices here…

  1. Accept a Nuclear North Korea, and with that the likelihood that Iran will soon follow, as well the reality that other nations may be compelled to pursue Nukes of their own as a deterrent.  Japan and South Korea especially.
  2. Follow through and enforce the sanctions. 

No amount of sanctions however is going to put the nuclear genie back in the North Korean bottle. A vigorous and thorough enforcement of sanctions though could send a very real message to other rogue nations like Iran.  If we back down from the sanctions now we are not only allowing North Korea to retain and expand its nuclear capability but we are also giving the Green Light to Iran to do the same.


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