Time for the US and Iran to start talking?

That is what Daniel Möckli, a Senior Researcher at the Center for Security Studies  suggests we do. He makes some compelling arguments especially as to why the negotiations between the EU, Russia and Iran have failed. But would direct participation by the US in those talks have gotten better results? I seriously doubt it. Additionally the US was involved with the negotiations just not directly participating.     

From ISN Security Watch 

After three years of negotiations, the EU-3 (France, Britain and Germany) in early October had to acknowledge their failure to wrest from Iran concessions ensuring that its nuclear program could only serve peaceful purposes.

Iran had initially accepted a temporary suspension of its efforts to enrich uranium as a sign of goodwill.

However, it subsequently turned down two incentive packages proposed by the EU-3 and the EU-3 plus 3 (the US, Russia and China) offering intensified economic, technological and political cooperation in exchange for compliance with the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and long-term suspension of its enrichment activities.

The fact that Tehran remained unyielding despite the threat of UN sanctions reflects a growing self-confidence that has become characteristic of Iranian foreign policy.

If Iran truly wants a Nuke (My opinion is that they do)  there really is not much anyone can do about it short of occupying Tehran and forcing a regime change.. The only real alternative we have is to convince them that the price they would pay for getting Nuclear Weapons would far outweigh any benefit they would receive from them.  The First step in doing that is to thoroughly enforce the sanctions on North Korea. If or When the UN decides to impose sanctions on Iran those sanctions as well need to be vigorously enforced. If the UN and its member nations are unable or unwilling to back up the resolutions they put out, then those resolutions and the UN itself prove virtually worthless.


  1. Thanks for the posting. Well thought out. We are living in interesting times. I am still confused as to why “little Kim” said he was sorry for his nuclear testing.

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