Democrat Zombies

The only way Democrats can win an election is register dead voters…   They certainly can’t do it based on issues. 
ACORN Accused of Bogus Forms in Mo.

CLAYTON, Mo. (AP) – Hundreds of fraudulent voter address changes have been submitted to St. Louis County election officials by ACORN, the activist group that has been criticized for its voter sign-up work elsewhere in the nation.

An ACORN official said it could be the fault of overzealous employees of the organization.

Voters who don’t get a polling-place notification card in the mail right before the election could find that their addresses have been changed without their knowledge, said Joseph Goeke, one of the county’s two elections directors.

The address changes, including forged signatures, are among hundreds of questionable or fraudulent voter registration cards submitted to the county within the past couple of months, election officials said.

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