Iran… One step closer to Nuclear Jihad

From the Toronto Daily News

Iran has taken another step in its uranium enrichment program, Mohamed ElBaradei, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said in Washington’s Georgetown University on Monday.

ElBaradei said that Iran has installed new equipment at an atomic plant to enrich uranium, and that Iranian scientists are days away from using the new 164-centrifuge cascade to enrich uranium, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

“It is in place and ready to go,” ElBaradei was quoted by the report as saying.

Uranium enrichment is carried out in lines of centrifuges called cascades. Enriched ranium is used to make the fuel for civilian nuclear reactors, but the product can also serve as the raw material for atomic weapons.

With the UN unwilling to impose and enforce real sanctions against another roghue regime headed by a crackpot the world must be willing to accept a nuclear armed terrorist state. Unless a regime change in Iran somehow takes place or the International community suddenly grows a spine that is exactly what we will Face… nuclear Jihad…


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