UN Draft Resolution could ban Missile & Technology sales to Iran

Are UN Resolutions that are not enforced really resolutions or just mere rhetoric? Take North Korea, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, or Hizbollah in Lebanon for example…

From CBS News

The United States, France and Britain are pushing for the U.N. Security Council to ban all missile and nuclear technology sales to Iran and to end most of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s technical aid programs, diplomats said Tuesday.

The U.N. diplomats, who asked for anonymity because the draft was not yet public, said that the Western proposal would also commit U.N. member countries to deny entry to Iranian officials involved in developing the country’s missile or nuclear programs.

One of the diplomats described all three measures as moderate and narrowly focused in an attempt to win Russian and Chinese backing to sanction Iran’s nuclear defiance, adding that Moscow and Beijing would be formally presented with the draft as early as later this week.


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