Terrorists playing the Media..

Hat Tip to Kathy at Hang Right Politics

Nervous politicians facing reelection in a tough year for the GOP have given in to the pressure and turned their backs on the war in Iraq. 86 US troops have died this month and it will most likely reach 100 before the month is out.

It is easy to say that it is a wrong war for political advantage but have any of these pols taken a step back and looked at what is happening. The enemy knows how to play our media. They know how to get the media to report only the bad. They know how to turn public opinion.

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Terrorists have learned very well how to play the media, they also know we have a crucial election coming up in two weeks. They know full well that Iraq and the War on Terror is a major issue in that election.  They also know full well that any news coverage that is damaging to Republicans will certainly get ample air time and likely help Democrats get elected. They alos know full well that should Democrats get elected it will certainly hinder the only administration that has attempted to confront terrorists and thier state sponsors.

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