Darfur, another example of UN Failure

While the UN Debated for weeks over the wording of a resolution to stop the genocide in Darfur, thousands died… and now with continued UN failure the killing continues.

From the West Australian

Sudan is massing its troops for a decisive strike on the strife-torn province of Darfur. Thousands of civilians are victims of a Government campaign to seize military dominance before a United Nations force can be mustered to intervene.Antonov cargo planes carrying bombs are back in the air over the villages of Darfur, just as they were during the initial pogroms that killed hundreds of thousands and displaced more than two million.When they reach their targets, soldiers lower the ramps and kick out the bombs — which look like munitions used in World War II — to explode on those below.

New arrivals at the El Salaam camp outside Fasher, the capital of North Darfur, describe how the Antonovs and helicopter gunships attacked their villages, forcing them to flee.

“I saw about 10 bombs falling,” said Adam Ishag, who fled his village of Hila Babkeir after it came under attack. “They exploded beside the houses and two were destroyed. We took the children and we ran away.”

The troubled western region of Sudan is entering a new and dangerous period.The Darfur Peace Agreement, signed in Abuja in May, is widely perceived to have failed. Fighting has escalated and the rebel groups, which splintered acrimoniously after the signing, are once again trying to agree to present a united front. In recent weeks, the Sudanese Government has been engaged in a frenetic game of diplomatic brinkmanship, trying to convince the international community that there is no need for the UN peacekeeping mission to Darfur which was approved by the Security Council in August.

Pissant dictators like Kim Jong Il, Saddam Hussein and Mahmood Ahmadinajad have set dangerous precedents in ignoring repeated UNSC Resolutions with impunity.  The UN’s continued failure to hold rogue nations like North Korea, Iran and Sudan accountable for blatantly putting at risk regional security, and acts of genocide only encourage the same behavior by other dictators.  


  1. Nichole

    Well Written! Its nice to know that somebody cares…

  2. Mike

    I for one are in full support of UN reform and Sudan is agreat example of how it is failing as a global mediator and peacekeeper. however i dont entirely understand what specific UN fractions have failed or underperformed in this example of Sudan. could someone enlighten me? thanks

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