2006 Senate Races

Arizona;  Likely to remain Republican

Jon Kyl (R) Incumbent VS Jim Pederson (D) (Click on picture for Campaign Site)

jk_ua_bio.jpg   VS  pederson.gif

RCP Average of the Polling data show that Kyl will likely retain his Senate seat though both candidates have launched a series of negative ads seeking to undermine their opponents support.

Cash on Hand also favors Kyl with 6,735,944 to Pederson’s 1,496,866 

Maryland; Toss Up

I am calling this a toss up though most say that this race will likely remain in the hands of Democrats and looking at polling data alone would suggest they are correct. My feeling though is that in the bitter Primary contest between Kweisi Mfume and Ben Cardin may have left some lingering bitterness in parts of the black political community toward Cardin and the Md. Dem establishment.

Michael Steele (R) Vs  Ben Cardin (D)  (Click on picture for Campaign Site)

steele.jpg Vs ben1.jpg

RCP Average Polling Data show Cardin ahead by 9 points, but the polls used in figuring that differential were by no means consistant.  

Cash on Hand Favors Steele with 3,117,684 to Cardin’s 1,616,262 

Michigan; Likely to remain Democrat

Mike Bouchard (R) Vs Debbie Stabenow (D) Incumbent

(Click on picture for Campaign Site)

mikeformichigan.jpg Vs stabenow.jpg

Bouchard’s Senate campaign never seemed to get off the ground, never getting his poll numbers out of the low 40’s compared to Stabenow’s numbers which have been consistantly in the upper 40’s to mid 50’s… Unless something dramatic happens in the next three weeks this Senate seat will remain the the hands of the Democrats.

Cash on Hand heavily favors Stabenow as well with 4,369,090 to Bouchard’s 530,115.

Minnesota; Likely to remain Democrat 

Mark Kennedy (R) Vs Amy Klobuchar (D) (Click on picture for Campaign Site)

 Vs amyklobucharatherdesk.jpg

The GOP had an oppertunity here to pick up a Democrat seat that will likely fall by the wayside. Like Mike Bouchard in Michigan Kennedy’s campaign never seemed to get off the ground, (maybe Republicans just have a hard time supporting a Kennedy) Polling data show that Kennedy consistantly in the mid 30’s to low 40’s while Klobuchar polling numbers in the low to mid 50’s.

Cash on Hand: Kennedy does have a slight advantage with 3,434,857 to Klobuchar’s 2,956,882 

Missouri; Toss Up

Jim Talent (R) Incumbent Vs Claire McCaskill (D) (Click on picture for Campaign Site)

jim-talent.jpg Vs mckaskill.jpg

Missouri has a tradition of close political races but very few races are as close as this one. Polling data put the race anywhere from a 9 pt lead for McCaskill to a 4 pt Lead for Talent…  If either candidate can claim an advantage though it is Talent, with far more availabe to him in Cash on Hand.. (See Below)

Cash on Hand: Talent has a substantial lead with 6,921,577 to McCaskill’s 2,684,766.


Conrad Burns (R) Incumbent Vs Jon Tester (D) (Click on picture for Campaign Site)

burns3l.jpg Vs tester.jpg

That this seat is in play at all speaks volumes about the vulnerability of Republicans this election year. Polling data shows Tester with a small lead as he has been for months, however this is one state that some campaign appearances from the President or Vice President could swing this back into the Republicans corner.  President Bush carried Montana in 2000 & 2004 by over 20 pts, and Burns has a substantial lead in available campaign funds, so you can’t count him out yet.

Cash on Hand Burns has 2,206,690 to Tester’s 514,927.

I’ll Continue this with some other Senate Races tomorrow.


  1. Lou

    I’m pulling for Michael Steele, he’s a quality guy. This would be a satisfying upset. The way the Liberals, like Chuck Schumer, have gone after steele is disgusting.

    The Democrats, ‘the party of the minority’. Only if you’re a liberal. When you’re black and Republican, you’re not really black. Go MIKE!!

  2. Lou;

    Thank you for your comment, though I personally have heard very little of Steele’s platform, he is articulate, intelligent and demonstrates a quality seldom seen in Washington politics… The ability to provide leadership and sound decision making on difficult issues… He would be a welcome addition to the Senate…

    Thanks again


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