Lieberman & Lamont

RCP average of the polling data on the Connecticut Senate Race put Lieberman ahead of Lamont 50.8% to 38.4%

STAMFORD, Conn., Oct. 16 — Democratic Senate nominee Ned Lamont and Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (D-Conn.) met here Monday for their first general election debate, and the insurgent candidate did not get one direct question about the issue that dominated the August primary, the war in Iraq.

It was symptomatic of the predicament Lamont has found himself in since his stunning victory two months ago.

Then, he was hailed on the left as a political giant-killer who had demonstrated the power of national dissatisfaction with President Bush and the war. Today, his campaign is emblematic of the pitfalls of trying to marry a political insurgency with the party establishment. Tugged and pulled in different directions by old and new advisers, the wealthy businessman has been struggling to refocus his candidacy.

Monday’s debate, which also included the Republican nominee, Alan Schlesinger, continued the war of words Lamont and Lieberman have conducted on television and by news release since the primary.

I disagree with Lieberman on most issues, but one comment he made at the debate is absolutely on the mark.

Lieberman said Lamont would only deepen partisan divisions in Washington. “His finger-pointing, partisan blame-giving, petty political accusations is the last thing Washington needs more of.” 

When Lamont defeated Lieberman in the Primary I said that the Democratic Voters in Connecticut had outsourced thier oppinion development to the Michael Moore wing of the Democratic Party.  I think it more evident now than ever that the Primary election demonstrated that Joe Lieberman was out of touch with the radical and extreme element of his party. Whe Liberman wins in November, and I am confident that he will, It will demonstrate how out of touch the radical and extreme elements of the Democratic Party are with the average informed voter.  


  1. Great post. Lieberman’s impending victory will console me if everything else crashes this November.

    We have a new blogger over at Scrappy Cons, Jonathan Carpenter, former Navy man.

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