Ted Turner says the United Nations is handling North Korea crisis perfectly,

The man who couldn’t decide whose side to be on in the War on Terror has determined that the UN is handling the North Korean Nuke Situation “Perfectly”…  

From the International Herald Tribune

ATLANTA Media mogul Ted Turner sought on Monday to impress upon young Americans the importance of the United Nations, saying those who would weaken the world body are “undermining our future.”

From weapons of mass destruction to overfishing in the oceans, today’s world is full of critical problems that can only be tackled at a global level through organizations like the U.N., Turner told several hundred high school students from Alabama, Florida and Georgia at Georgia Tech’s High School Model United Nations.

Can anyone Provide any evidence that the UN has ever actually accomplished anything beyond spending US Tax Dollars, providing a platform for Terrorists and Tinpot dictators to spew the Anti-American filth, and provide a retirement for corrupt burocrats like Kofi Anan?


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