Taxpayers, Pelosi Differ on Outlook for Fiscal Responsibility


A taxpayer group claims government spending and the federal deficit will increase dramatically if Democrats win enough seats to take control of the House of Representatives in November. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claims just the opposite is true.

In the National Taxpayer Union Foundation’s study of legislative sponsorship habits, the group assigns a yearly taxpayer cost to every spending bill in the House or Senate and provides the impact on annual federal spending if all the proposals a given lawmaker sponsored or cosponsored became law.

According to the study, “would-be House Democratic committee chairmen support an average annual federal spending hike 90 times higher than the already significant level backed by GOP chairmen.””Those are literally just non-partisan numbers that we coordinate with the member’s office on,” said Sam Batkins, deputy press secretary for the National Taxpayers Union Foundation.”For potential Democratic chairs in the House, on average, they proposed about $931 billion and Republicans [proposed] just around $10 billion for the net agenda, so those are bills that are scored by the Congressional Budget Office. A lot of them are from the bills themselves, and we’ve just compiled them,” Batkins told Cybercast News Service.

“Most of the agenda is health-care spending,” Batkins added. “One of the reasons that the House figure on the Democratic side is so drastically higher is because most of the Democratic committee chairs have measures that would enact universal health care, which [costs] about $1.3 trillion.”

Batkins concluded: “On a practical level, I think it will mean that the president is going to veto a lot of bills.”

In an Earlier Post I noted some of my disagreements with the Congressional Republicans on several issues especially Spending and Immigration.. Looking at the Republican’s position on those issues and compare that position to that of the Democratic opponents it is absolutely clear that that a Democrat win in November would be disasterous for us as a nation. Our Economy would likely revert into recession as Dems attempt to Roll back tax cuts, our already pourous border situation would invariably become far worse, and our allies in the War on Terror would question our resolve to see things through.  Dems continually claim to advocating a change of direction. Right now we have a Strong Economy & a Foreign Policy that advances freedom and democracy.  What Direction does Nancy and Company want us to pursue??  A weakened economy like France, and a foreign policy that abandons our fight for Democracy & Freedom?

Some conservatives may be thinking of sitting this election out because of various scandals and dissappointment over what the 109th congress failed to accomplish… Consider the Alternatives… Speaker Pelosi, and 100% Cair Approval rating John Cut-N-Run Murtha as House Majority Leader…

I will not be sitting this election out…


For those who are considering sitting out this election check out this article by Doug Patton

Hat tip to Kathy at Hang Right Politics


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