America Inviting Terror

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I’ve said it before and will probably say it again, Americans need to wake up to the threats we face. We are at war, the terrorists have expressed their desire to have an American Hiroshima possibly during October. We have Iran going forward with their nuclear program and wanting to issue in armageddon, and we also have North Korea threatening Washington and New York.

“Everything will be settled in a week,” said Kim Myong-chol on KBS Radio. “That is, whether we, Korean people, will remain as we are now, or lose, or New York will lose, or Washington, D.C., will lose, it will all be settled once and for all.” …Quoting a reliable source on North Korea, the report said: “Many indications from North Korea point to the high likelihood that North Korea would conduct another nuclear test in two or three days. We received intelligence Oct. 11 that says the North Korean military is showing unusual movements.” source

What are some Americans worried about? Foleygate.

Nero fiddled; America instant messaged; the world ended (emphasis mine)The American people are really having focus problems. North Korea and Iran are trying desperately to join the nuclear club, and North Korea has just detonated some kind of nuclear device under its troubled, starving soil. Meanwhile, we debate endlessly whether Dennis Hastert should resign as speaker of the House of Representatives because of a rogue congressman who has resigned in disgrace.

Is there nothing that will shake us out of our frivolity? The Foley-page scandal is serious, of course, but we all know there have been sex scandals before and there will be sex scandals again, and the republic will endure. If this one didn’t involve the Internet and gay sex, it wouldn’t be gripping our national attention. Remember, we were obsessing over our last congressional sex scandal, Gary Condit and Chandra Levy, just before 9-11-2001.

We need to focus. This is way more serious than the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. This is Armageddon.

We continue to allow illegal aliens to flow across the northern and southern borders. Mixed in with the Hispanics are potential terrorists from Pakistan (Fox News today) who come through Venezuela. Worse than the illegals sneaking into the United States, our government is welcoming potential terrorists into America via the Visa Waiver Program.

The terrorists who plotted the airline bombing of 10 American airliners over U.S. soil were all citizens of Great Britain. That means they were all eligible to board airliners for the United States and enter the United States without first applying for visas. The ringleader of this terror cell used a number of false identities and had apparently made trips to the United States in order to conduct surveillances at several prominent locations within the United States. To quote from a Washington Times article: “U.S. officials claim Barot is a senior al Qaeda figure, known variously as Abu Eisa al-Hindi, Abu Musa al-Hindi and Issa al-Britani, who scouted prominent financial targets in the United States at the behest of Osama bin Laden. He was indicted last year in New York….” I can only speculate as to how he had entered the United States, or under which of his many identities, but he certainly may well have entered the United States under the auspices of the outrageous Visa Waiver Program. Additionally, the other terrorists who had been working with him towards the goal of killing many people in both England as well as the United States would also have been able to enter the United States under the same program.It is important to understand the relevance of the Visa Waiver Program to national security. In order to do this, we should consider what the visa process requires. In filing an application for a visa, the alien provides photographs, fingerprints and possibly supporting documents to substantiate the responses to the questions that are part of the application for a visa. When an alien seeks to board an airliner and comes from a country that does not participate in the Visa Waiver Program, the airline officials will not permit such an alien to board the airliner unless he has a valid visa in his passport.

Consequently, the visa requirement becomes a screening mechanism for the airlines, providing an extra layer of defense and security. source

More on the Visa Waiver Program here.

Under the provisions of the Visa Waiver Program aliens from some 26 countries are able to come to the United States without first applying for and receiving a visa from United States consular officials. I have been told by my friends on Capitol Hill that the continuation of this program is attributable to the concerns of the travel industry, the hospitality industry and the other businesses that depend on international travel for a substantial component of their corporate income. They fear that a visa requirement will discourage the travel that they are dependent upon for profit.Meanwhile, it is estimated that some 3.5 million illegal aliens in the United States did not run the border but rather violated the terms of their admission in the United States. They either over-stayed the period of time for which they were admitted, got a job they were not entitled to take under the immigration laws, or committed other such violations of law. source

In all of these instances, it seems Americans are just sitting back and inviting terrorists into our country. What will it take to wake us up? A fellow blogger, RoadKnight’s Ramblings says, “Right now the biggest problem faced by the western world (including America) is the refusal to see and deal with the real problem.” and believes the only way Americans will truly wake up, is if we get hit with another terror attack right here on U.S. soil. I pray that doesn’t have to happen.

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