U.S. presses China for tough action against North Korea

From the International Herald Tribune 

WASHINGTON: The United States on Sunday pressed China to enforce the United Nations’ punishment against North Korea and use economic leverage to persuade Beijing’s communist ally to renounce its nuclear weapons program and rejoin international disarmament talks.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the chief U.S. diplomat, readied for talks in Asia this week, aware of concerns that the Security Council’s resolution might enflame tensions among countries already on edge from North Korea’s claimed nuclear test Oct. 9.

Already, sharp divisions have arisen over enforcing the resolution, approved unanimously on Saturday. China, which voted for the penalties, is balking at cargo inspections to prevent trafficking of certain banned weapons and technology.

Somehow I don’t see China actively enforcing the sanctions..

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  1. The UN is sure worthless to do anything, so China needs to step in

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