Katie Needs your Help!!!

katie-couric.jpgThe kind folks at Hang Right Politics are trying to help Katie Couric find a signature sign off comment like Walter Cronkite’s “That’s the way it is…”

There is the sign off listed in NewsMax that is pretty good but I think we can do better… 

“Thanks for watching,” she said. “I’m Katie Couric, and I’m not just for breakfast anymore.”

With CBS continuing to plummit in the ratings, even if Katie does come up with a particularly snappy sign off… Who would know?

Leave your comments & Suggestions for Katie here.


  1. Evelyn Forehand

    Did anybody watch Katie Couric on the evening news of March 1, 2007, the day the deadly tornado hit Enterprise, Alabama? After the usual report by the ‘weather news reporter,’ Ms. Couric, nonchalantly, asked this famous line-thanks to the genuis of Mr. Gore–“Could this be the result of Global Warming?” There were 8 students reported that fateful day killed by this powerful tornado. And, Ms. Couric seemed to be smiling–I know for a fact that she’s perky–but not on a day when the whole country hears of a sad event. The decent thing someone of Ms. Couric journalistic stature could do is show some symphtetic facial expression-if not compassion. This shows how much Ms. Couric’s radical leftist leanings can easily deceive viewers. “Where is the compassion, Ms. Couric?”

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