What North Korea Wants From The Nuke Stand-off

Cross Posted from DeMediacratic Nation  
More pearls of wisdom and analysis from those that had this to say about Iran’s Ahmadinejad, “One of the ironies of Iran’s latest confrontation with the West is that it is the product of — are you ready for this? — democratic politics.” Original post here

From Time Magazine:

“To be sure, the world is now speaking with one voice in condemning Pyongyang’s nuclear test. But that’s no surprise: nobody likes North Korea, and universal condemnation is the standard response when any nation joins the nuclear club, as India and Pakistan discovered in 1998. There’s little surprise, either, in a gathering U.N. consensus on rebuking North Korea, with China likely to sign off on some symbolic sanctions to punish it.

Yet the international consensus does not disguise the fact that six years of tough talk and grudging diplomacy by the Bush Administration failed to stop North Korea from reaching the point that it is now being treated as a nuclear weapons state.”

Nothing can be done about anything without the assistance of others and Time seems to get that, yet at the same time can’t understand why the U.S. hasn’t resolved the problem.

They may not say it, but their bottom line is: ‘the only way things can be done is multi-laterally, so don’t buck the system even if what you end up with is a farce.’


  1. Wow, that guy at DeMediacratic Nation really gets it….

    Hey, thanks for the cross post on this. I didn’t know you had until I paid this visit to see what you were up to today.

    What makes it all the more difficult for them to get it is that they refuse to acknowledge the realities of what has happened to this point. When you ignore a 7 or 8 year chunk of reality, what is going on just doesn’t make a whole helluva lot of sense.

    Thanks again

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