Japan to Ban N. Korean Imports

Japan is not wasting time waiting on the UN to take action on North Korea..  

TOKYO (AP) — A news report said Wednesday that Japan will impose a total ban on North Korean imports and prohibit its ships from entering Japanese ports in response to Pyongyang’s declaration of a nuclear weapons test.

The sanctions, which will include expanded restrictions on North Koreans entering Japan, were to be announced after some Cabinet ministers meet to discuss security issues Wednesday, public broadcaster NHK reported.

Kyodo News agency said the measures needed to be formally approved by the Cabinet at its full meeting Friday before going into effect.

The Cabinet Office confirmed a security meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, but refused to discuss the agenda.


  1. What could they possibly import from North Korea? They don’t make anything! The ban from entering Japanese ports will be really damaging, though, because it’s one of the few ways they can get money and supplies into North Korea. About half a million Korean nationals live in Japan, and they are more or less tithed by the Pyongyang government. If they refuse to send anything, their families in the North wind up in prison camps or worse. Until now, Japan has turned a blind eye to the practice for humanitarian reasons (i.e.,to keep ordinary people from starving to death). I guess that will stop now.

  2. YeeHAAARRRRR!!! Finally someone wants to do a little something for their own benefit. Now let’s have the South put up the umbrella because their Sunshine Policy is getting rained on.

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