Poll: 65% Unhappy with President

Despite the continual display of unfavorable opinion polls by the MSM none will be reporting this one… Because those polled were not Americans, and the President they are unhappy with is not President Bush… No those polled were Iranian… and the President is  Ahmadinejad…

From the Iran Press Service 

Tehran, 7 Oct. (IPS, with report by Meisam Tavvab of Rooz newspaper) A recent survey operated by the Iran,ian State-owned and conservatives-controlled Radio and Television showed that the majority of Iranians are unhappy with their messianic President, Mahmoud Ahmadi Nezhad.

Asking interviewees how do they regard the economic, political and social performance of the new government, 65 per cent have indicated that they are not satisfied, reported the pro-reform online newspaper “Rooz”, based in London and Paris on 4 October 2006.

Last year, same kind of survey carried by the same organisation had found that 60 percent of Iranians interviewed approved of the new administration’s performance.

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