Norks Suspected of Second Nuke Test

TOKYO (AP) — The Japanese government suspects North Korea has conducted a second nuclear test and was trying to confirm it, a government official said Wednesday.

But a South Korean official said seismic monitors did not detect any tremors that could indicate possible second North Korea nuclear test.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry official, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with ministry policy, did not indicate why Japan suspected a second test may have taken place.

North Korea drew harsh global condemnation after claiming Monday that it had successfully tested a nuclear device for the first time.

Update 8:30 PM

TOKYO (AP) — The Japanese government detected tremors on Wednesday that led it to suspect North Korea had conducted a second nuclear test, officials and news reports said.

Shortly after Japan said it suspected another test had been conducted, the country’s meteorological agency reported a magnitude-6.0 earthquake shook northern Japan.

U.S. and South Korean monitors said they had not detected any new seismic activity in North Korea on Wednesday. 

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  1. I updated my post. It looks Japan was in hair trigger mode and misinterpeted a 5.8 magnitude seismic event to the southeast of Japan as being in North Korea.

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