Norks with Nukes… So Now what?

Kim Jong Il has followed through on its threat to officially join the nuclear club. The United Nations Security Council is convening an emergency session to discuss options…  

From the Voice Of America

The leaders of South Korea and Japan are joining a chorus of condemnation around the world following North Korea’s apparent entry into the nuclear weapons club. Pyongyang says it has conducted its first nuclear test, and international leaders are warning there will be consequences.

The UN could impose sanctions, though since North Korea is already one of the most isolated countries in the world what effect would those sanctions have.  North Korea depends heavily on aid from China, South Korea, Japan and the US to even feed its people. Will they be willing to enforce a sanctions regime that stands a good chance of causing thousands of North Koreans to starve, and creating millions of refugees in South Korea and China? A naval blockade of North Korean ports could damage their only viable industry (illicit arms sales) but in order for that to be effective, closing land routes through China would also be required and Chinese cooperation would be necessary. 

Whatever the UN does do it will be closely watched world wide, and I suspect that Tehran will be following this more closely than anyone else.  If the UN fails to take decisive action aginst this tinpot dictator it will certainly encourage the theocracy in Iran to continue down the road to nuclear armament.

Another troubleing aspect of the Nuke test is the size.  

From the Associated Press

South Korea’s geological institute estimated the force of the explosion to be equivalent to 550 tons of TNT, far smaller than the two nuclear bombs the U.S. dropped on Japan in World War II. But Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said it was far more powerful, equivalent to 5,000 to 15,000 tons of TNT.

The Hiroshima bomb had the destructive power of about 15,000 tons and by todays standards would have very little value as a deterrant.  A 550 ton weapon has almost no value as a tactical weapon.  A 550 ton weapon though would have immense value to  various terror groups like Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hizbollah etc…  

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  1. 1 A Rose By Any Other Name

    North Korea

    So, did he or didn’t he? North Korea/Kim Jong-Il has claimed they successfully tested a nuclear weapon and they are “happy” with the results with no nuclear fallout. Seismologists have shown no seismic activity in North Korea in the l…

  2. 2 Right Truth

    North Korea, did they or didn’t they?

    North Korea says they conducted their nuclear test early Monday morning and the test was successful, via Drudge Apparently South Korea agrees. So all the bluster from the U.S., Japan, China, and others that North Korea ‘better not conduct this

  3. 3 Woman Honor Thyself

    Mazel ToV NorkS!

    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.N. Security Council should congratulate North Korea for its nuclear test instead of passing “useless” resolutions or statements, North Korea’s U.N. ambassador said Monday.

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