Iran refuses to halt enrichment

I am sure this is a big suprise to everyone who has been following Iranian Uranium Enrichment & Nuclear Weapons Programs.

From The Australian

IRAN flatly refuses to suspend uranium enrichment despite moves at the UN security council to draft a sanctions resolution against it for failing to halt the sensitive nuclear work.

“The suspension is completely unacceptable and we have rejected it,” foreign ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini told reporters today.

“It has no place in Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.”

His comments marked an unequivocal refusal from Tehran to back down in the face of pressure to suspend uranium enrichment, a process which the West fears could be diverted towards making nuclear weapons.

Mr Hosseini also expressed defiance over the prospect of sanctions, saying that Iran was well used to such measures after being subject to a US embargo since 1980.

“The threat of sanctions is an inefficient means to achieve a solution. The Iranian people are used to this kind of sanctions and everything that they obtained was obtained under a regime of sanctions.  

Since UN as an organization is completely worthless in influencing Iran or North Korea to stop thier development of nuclear weapons I think it is well past time to remove the taxpayer support for the UN and apply it to the development of an organization that can influence rogue nations.  


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