Anti-Chavez Rally In Caracas

I wonder if Chavez will be calling this protest rally a White House sponsored event???

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There was a huge anti-Chavez rally in Caracas yesterday:

From FoxNews:

CARACAS, Venezuela — Thousands marched Saturday in the biggest show of public support yet for Venezuela’s main opposition presidential candidate, who pledged to undo what he called the ills of President Hugo Chavez‘s government. Manuel Rosales accused the government of mismanaging the country’s oil wealth and ignoring crime. He also played on fears that Chavez’s close friendship with Cuban leader Fidel Castro was leading Venezuela down the same path as the communist island.“They say the Venezuelan people rule — that’s a lie,” said Rosales, governor of oil-rich, western Zulia state, who faces Chavez in the Dec. 3 election. “(We have) a government that is a puppet of a communist, totalitarian system. … We have a government that is governing from Cuba.”

Dollars to donuts, Chavez will blame the rally on Bush. The depressing aspect is that, at this point, I don’t know that Hugo will allow himself to be voted out of power.

Anyway, remember all those AK 47’s Chavez ordered from Russia? Seems that the Venezuelan military’s already putting them to use, quietly against his own countrymen.

Aleksander Boyd over at VCrisis reports on how troops fired on gold miners, killing five:

“…Some two weeks ago a group of approximately 20 army men on board a Russian helicopter flew over a mining area nearby and, from the air, ordered miners to stop working and to lay on the ground or else they would be killed. Shocked by such threat the miners complied, not before some shots were fired. Upon landing the military opened fire killing 5 of them instantly.

The only survivor relates that he moved after being shot once. The army men noticed that he was still alive, so they shot him at close range a second time after which he kept still until there was silence. With two bullet wounds he walked for about 3 hours until indigenous tribesmen saved him. 4 other miners were forced into the river and ordered to remain under water or else they would be killed. They are still unaccounted for.

In total 23 miners are dead or missing. Thus far the only authority that has visited the area is Brazil´s Vice Consul for 2 Brazilian miners were killed ….26 kilo’s of gold are also missing from the mine …”

I don’t know if the above article involves simple theft and thuggery, or a political intervention. It would be interesting to know where the gold went.

According to the Arizona Star, Chavez bought 100,000 AK47’s from Russia, but has only 75,000 men in his military. He’ll be producing more when the factory starts production.

StetsonTip AM Mora y Leon, over at PubliusPundit.

Also see JihadiDuJour.

Photo above of Caracas rally is from the BBC. According to Boyd, Hugo will be marching today.

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