Another E-Coli Recall

From the Milwaukee 

MILWAUKEE — Another possible E. coli contamination has hit the U.S., and this time with ground beef.

Some of it is has made its way to southeastern Wisconsin, including Milwaukee.

Federal officials are warning Americans not to eat ground beef produced by an Iowa company because of E. coli concerns.

Officials said it’s the same strain of E. coli that was recently found on spinach.

The USDA said so far there are no reports of illness from this batch of meat, but they are not taking any chances, which is why they’ve ordered the recall.

The Iowa company that manufactured the meat said they sent some of it to the U.S. food service distribution plant in Menomonee Falls.

No one there is answering questions, so no one knows where they may have sent the possibly contaminated meat.

The USDA said the threat has mostly passed, the beef in question was processed more than a month ago, so it should no longer be on the shelves, but if anyone still has the meat they should return it or throw it away.

The news of this recall is potentially devastating for Jim’s market and locker, the Iowa company that processed the meat.

The company’s president said they have already lost a big order and are worried more could follow, but people who live in the town said they are confident the company can turn things around.

Although not mentioned in this article it should be noted that the company voluntarily recalled the beef when inspectors questioned testing methods, and that the beef in question was distributed months ago to eight states. Thus far no illnesses associated with the beef has been reported.   (source)

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