U.S., Britain warn of sanctions in Iran nuclear case

TEHRAN (Reuters) – The United States and Britain said on Tuesday Iran could soon face sanctions because it showed no sign of halting sensitive nuclear work, while the EU said the latest talks had been helpful but had brought no breakthrough.

I’ll believe the UN will impose and enforce sanctions when they actually take some action… Regardless of the Sanctions that are imposed (if any) I seriously doubt that the UN will actually have the balls to actually enforce them. The world has a choice to make. Either accept a Nuclear weapon in the hands of the a religious nut job, or make the commitment necessary to stop it. Those are the only two choices available, no middle ground, it is either or. Delays for a diplomatic solution only make a military confrontation more likely and more deadly for both sides.  

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  1. Boss429

    Just my opinion, between N.K. and Iran there seems to be a need for a contract to build another dozen boomers. Having them would enable us to park a few off each of the countries coasts on a full time basis w/o impacting our presence elswhere, you know, just to let them know if they didn’t think we take their plans seriously…

    Also might not hurt to take a look at our long range ballistic capabilities. As I remember (and could be wrong about this) the system we had (have) was meant to thwart the Soviet Union by taking the short route over the pole, I’m not sure about the range of the old systems, but Iran and N.K. may be pushing the envelope if not out of range.

  2. I am not sure about the range of our ICBM Force, but we certainly should be expanding our Bunker Busting capability. If I remember correctly the plan to do exactly that was scrapped in early 2002 due to political and media opposition.

    As far as the subs go we keep a few in the vicinity of potential hot spots all the time.. they just don’t advertise much.

    Thanks for the comment Boss


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