The Status of United Nations Reform

reject.pngSixty years ago, the United Nations was founded to maintain international peace and security, promote self-determination and basic human rights, and protect fundamental freedoms. Sadly, weaknesses in the orga­nization have prevented it from fully realizing these high aspirations. An accretion of outdated or duplica­tive mandates, insufficient transparency and account­ability, and the resistance of member states to reform have resulted in a system that is bureaucratic, costly, cumbersome, lacking in oversight, and often incapable of fulfilling the responsibilities placed upon it.

The past six decades have seen dozens of initiatives from governments, think tanks, foundations, and panels of experts aimed at reforming the U.N. to make it more effective in meeting its responsibilities. Although these reform efforts have seen rare success, for the most part they have failed to address the core problems that cripple the organization.

Read the rest of the Heritage Foundation Report here

In my opinion the UN is well beyond fixing. The UN’s organization itself is flawed, and flawed in such a way that the current membership will not support any reform that could salvage it. For starters totalitarian and brutal regimes like Iran, China, Syria etc… have an equal voice in the General Assembly.  Regimes that do not respect the very basic human rights certainly should have no voice in an organization whos second line of the charter reads..

“to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small…”

When regimes like those previously mentioned have no respect for the Human Rights of their own citizens they should have no voice in an organization charged in the protection of the rights of others. Rather than try and reform the current failed international body perhaps it is time we focused our efforts as well as the 22% of UN Funding into an organization that is made up of nations that do have respect for human rights, that are not totalitarian regimes, theocracies, or tinpot dictatorships. We need to put our resources into into an organization that expands freedom and democracy, not one that supports tyrants and oppression.  


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