U.S. releases excerpts of secret report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The war in Iraq has bred deep resentment in the Muslim world and provided Islamist militants with a “cause celebre” that allowed the global movement to cultivate supporters, according to excerpts of a secret intelligence report released on Tuesday.

The office of U.S. intelligence czar John Negroponte released a 3-1/2 page section containing the April report’s key judgments, hours after President George W. Bush ordered it declassified to counter media reports he said had misrepresented conclusions about Iraq.

“We assess that the Iraq jihad is shaping a new generation of terrorist leaders and operatives,” said the declassified segment of the report, titled “Trends in Global Terrorism: Implications for the United States.”

“The Iraq conflict has become the ’cause celebre’ for jihadists, breeding a deep resentment of U.S. involvement in the Muslim world and cultivating supporters for the global jihadist movement,” it added.

“Should jihadists leaving Iraq perceive themselves, and be perceived, to have failed, we judge fewer fighters will be inspired to carry on the fight.”

Democrats, hoping to take control of Congress in the November elections, have seized on media leaks about the report as evidence that Bush’s Iraq policy has worsened the global terrorism threat.

But the declassified section, which contained 10 judgments about global terrorism including one on Iraq, reached no sweeping conclusion about the war’s ultimate effect on global terrorism.

Known as a national intelligence estimate, the full document is 30 pages long and meant to convey the authoritative views of the 16-agency U.S. intelligence community.

Here is the declassified of the NIE dated April 2006

Sure some will say that by Cutting and Running from Iraq will allow us to focus more clearly and dedicate more forces to get Bin Laden. This approach assumes that by killing or capturing a six and a half foot tall terrorist hiding in a hole in Afghanistan we will somehow bring the Global War on Terror to a successful conclusion… Then we can all go back to watching reruns of our favorite sitcoms and reality shows.

Many point to the war in Iraq as a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda and Hizbollah. To some extent it is. Imagine though, the recruitment levels that Al-Qaeda and Hizbollah will experience when they can proudly claim to the muslim world that they have stood toe to toe with the most powerful military in the world, and won!

Jihadists world wide would dance in the streets, and then launch new and more devastating attacks on US and western interests. Our Allies in the Global War on Terror will question our resolve in defending freedom and democracy. Many will conclude that appeasing the terrorists is their only hope of survival.

Abandoning Iraq now would be would be the gravest setback not only to the War on Terror but it also would pose the greatst threat to civilization and freedom since the Allies were forced to retreat at Dunkirk. Ramifications would be felt world wide. Abandoning the offensive strategy in the Global War on Terror of the past 5 years and adopting a strictly defensive strategy will be allowing the terrorists to choose when, where, and by what means to continue their offensive against us. A defensive strategy is one of surrendering the initiative to our enemies. 

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  1. dale

    A new strategy is needed in Iraq. Our occupation is failing and it is time we put this under control again.
    Only idiots want to cut and run, however, there are many of us who think our strategies were poorly planned and poorly executed. Time to set things aright.
    To “stay the course” with a failed policy because we might lose face in the muslim world is small minded. The mighty US is failing.It is failing because of flawed plans.Time to re-assess what works and what does not.

  2. Dale,

    In less than 4 years Iraq has been transformed from a totalitarian dictatorship to a representative government with millions taking part in determining the destiny of thier country. Hospitals, Clinics & Schools have been built or rebuilt, helping to provide a future for the next generation of Iraqis. A Market based economy is taking shape with trade expanding with other countries throughout the region and the world.

    What has been accompllished in Iraq is nothing short of astounding, but there is much left to do. Many Politicians are demanding a “Change of Direction” in Iraq.. right now we are progressing toward a country that guarantees the freedoms of its citizens to worship as they wish, and to be able to express thier opinions and make thier voices heard on any issue facing them. What direction do those who want this “Change of Direction” want to go? back to a Stalinist dictatorship like Saddam Hussein had?

    Yes mistakes have been made in Iraq and it is fairly easy to point out some of those mistakes.. When we do point out those mistakes we do it with the benefit of hind sight… which is a view that is not available to decisionmakers at the time decisions are made.

    The transormation in Iraq is a Long Term process.. expecting otherwise is naive and ridiculous. Taking short cuts in that process or establishing artificial deadlines does nothing to help us in achieving our goals, and actually undermine our efforts in building a model for the rest of the Muslim world can emulate.

    Thanks for your comment Dale, but in my opinion you are way off base here.

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