Porkbusters take the White House

 A long overdue step in getting earmarks under control has been taken today as the President signs into law a bill creating a database of federal spending. Politicians on both sides of the aisle have been guilty of packing bills with unbudgeted projects for their district or their supporters. If these projects are as vital to the nation as they are often proclaimed then they should be able to stand on their own merits not stuffed and hidden into unrelated legislation.

That is the good news.. The bad news is that getting the bill passed required bloggers and thier readers to contact thier congressional representatives and bring public pressure on congress to pass legislation that is good for the country as a whole.

My only question is if massive public pressure is necessary for our representatives in congress to do the right thing, Why are they our representatives?

Washington Times Article

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  1. 1 Blue Star Chronicles

    Bloggers are Joining Bush in Bill-Signing Ceremony

    Washington Times

    President Bush has invited bloggers to join him today as he signs into law a bill creating a database of federal spending — a recognition of their role in forcing the bill through Congress over the objections of senior senators …

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