Minnesota Dems select former Nation of Islam organizer

We have all heard the hate filled rhetoric of Louis Farrakhan, now we may get to hear it on the floor of the US House of Representatives. Keith Ellison, won his party’s nomination for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district despite his ties to the Nation of Islam and the divisive hatred they represent.

When he was in law school in 1990, Ellison wrote a column in the University of Minnesota’s student newspaper defending Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam’s leader. In another column he called for a separate nation for blacks. (Note Ellison wrote the columns under the name Keith Hakim).

Ellison was also a member of the Black Law Student Association and was criticized for sponsoring anti-semitic speakers at the U of M.  

“My ideas about Minister Farrakhan have changed in a number of important ways,” he now says.

Ellison says he favored Louis Farrakhan’s teachings on certain subjects, like black self sufficiency and personal responsibility. He says his law-school writings and other activities were independent of any outside groups. Ellison says his only interaction with the Nation of Islam was for 18 months during the mid-1990s when he worked with the group to organize Minnesotans to attend the Million Man March. Ellison says he hasn’t had any involvement with the group since that time and has never been a member of the organization.

He says he was wrong to dismiss concerns about the group’s anti-Semitic views and has learned to scrutinize the groups with which he works.

Power Line has written several posts on Ellison and aserts that he has written under a couple other names as well, (including Kieth X Ellison, and Kieth Ellison-Muhammed).

I have always felt that someone’s religion should play no part in a political election, rather we as voters should look at what policies the candidate advocates. Here is a bit of what Ellison/Hakim/Muhammed wants to see happen.. From the Washington Post 

“I’m a Muslim. I’m proud to be a Muslim. But I’m not running as a Muslim candidate,” Ellison said during a break between a commemoration of Hurricane Katrina and an appearance at a public housing project. “I’m running as a candidate who believes in peace and bringing the troops out of Iraq now. I’m running as a candidate who believes in universal, single-payer health care coverage and an increase in the minimum wage.”

He believes in Cut-N-Run, should make Murtha (The other CAIR Candidate) happy. Socialized healthcare… works so well in Canada that many come here for treatment. Increasing the minimum wage will only increase unemployment… Small Businesses budget the amount of money that they will compensate workers… An increase in minimum wage will force employers to either increase that budget, or reduce the number of employees…

Minnesota is one of the bluest of the blue states, so Ellison will likely win in November. Minnesota Voters should know however that the 3 main issues that he advocates are wrong for America and Wrong for Minnesota. The Dems are very good at diverting away from the relevent issues and playing the race card. This race will get ugly and the Dems will attempt to portray themselves and Ellilsion as victims, despite a past marked with blatant anti-semitism and racial hatred… But that is the Dems for you…

Note Robert KKK Byrd  

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