Chicago to become Immigration sanctuary

Perhaps we should get large bilboards to put throughout the country showing the distance to Chicago or the nearest Immigration Sanctuary… and eliminate all federal funds to the cities that prohibit local officials from cooperating with DHS and other federal Law enforcement agencies unless they can demonstrate that absolutely no tax dollars are being utilized to enable criminals to continue to violate our laws…   

From the Chicago Tribune 

A resolution introduced Thursday would make Cook County a “sanctuary” for undocumented immigrants, meaning authorities could not inquire about their immigration status in routine interactions.

County Commissioner Roberto Maldonado, the measure’s sponsor, said he wants to prevent the county from joining a growing group of local jurisdictions that are cooperating with the Department of Homeland Security to enforce immigration laws.

If the measure passes, Maldonado said, sheriff’s deputies could not ask for immigration papers during traffic stops and county employees could not report suspected illegal immigrants to federal authorities.

Maldonado said he has no evidence that county officials are currently doing that.

The measure offers illegal immigrants no protection from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, who are free to make arrests in the county. But Maldonado said the resolution is still important because turning county authorities into immigration agents would detract from their other duties.

Those who support sanctuary policies say they don’t want to send illegal immigrants underground. Earlier this year, the Chicago City Council strengthened its sanctuary policy by turning a long-standing executive order into law.

But critics say sanctuary policies undermine law enforcement and let criminals go free when they might otherwise be arrested for immigration violations. Residents in Elgin and other suburbs have recently appealed to their elected officials to become more aggressive in assisting with immigration enforcement.

Elgin Illinoisis city about 40 miles North West of Chicago, has a population of a little over 100,000. Background on local efforts there in dealing with illegal Immigration was in a previous post.

The County Board did not discuss the resolution Thursday. Maldonado said he hopes to have a public hearing on the measure before the Law Enforcement and Corrections Committee. The hearing has not yet been scheduled.

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  2. Jen Finch

    When are our politicians going to get a backbone and stand up to Maldonado and other hispanic people who want this city to become a sanctuary? I’m tired of hearing how illegals have rights – THEY DON’T! I’m tired of seeing spanish strewn across our bill boards, our busses, and store fronts! I’m tired of going into Wal Mart and hearing spanish advertisements on the store monitors! Are we in Mexico or the United States? I’m tired of our over crowded classrooms and outraged that companies like Miller and Coke give illegal immigrants scholarships to attend our colleges while my son is $90,000 dollars in dept from college loans. It’s a sad to think that my son will spend the better part of his life paying this dept while an illegal will graduate and buy a nice car and house. I’m fed up with illegal immigrants and infuriated with their arrogance. Chicago should by no means become a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

  3. Darrell:

    Came across your site from Michelle’s. Would like to be considered sharing links to each other. I’ve got blog giving perspective from a Conservative Military guy living in the Liberal Heaven of MA. Recent post on the Illegal implications of the potential new GOV. Let me know if you would be interested – always good to link to others who should be heard/read! – Way to Go! TJS

  4. april

    I am tired also . But what bothers me most is the welfare fraud they are committing right in front of our faces.It is so shameful for we the tax payers to see this in chicago we are being taxed to death and all the while the illegals pay no taxes and are looting all our social services.Somethings got to be done.This is insane.

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    Employers, Illegals and Documents

  2. 2 Right Truth

    Employers, Illegals and Documents

    The title of the article is, “Two watchdog groups moving into the Triad will go after employers of illegal immigrants” and is from the Winston-Salem North Carolina North Carolina isn’t alone in their problems with identification, Ten…

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  4. 4 Dracut Forum » Blog Archive » Dracut Approves Licensees Certification of Knowledge of Immigration Laws

    […] Its interesting to see that where cities like (the Republic of) Cambridge and Chicago are declaring themselves “Sanctuary Cities“, we in Dracut (a small town in a blue state) are doing what we can to get employers to abide by the immigration laws regarding hiring of illegal aliens. […]

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