EU continues capitulation to Iranian Nuke position, UN weak and worthless

The EU takes another step in allowing Iran and the Mad Mullahs to have nuclear weapons. The UNSC voted 14-1 in July to demand Iran cease its Uranium enrichment & other programs leading to nuclear weapons, and the US and other countries offered a series of incentives if Iran complied. They also threatened sanctions if they didn’t. The deadline was the end of August for Iran to comply. It was a condition and a deadline that Iran thoroughly rejected. The EU and UN’s failure to even contemplate implementing sanctions thus far has seriously undermined the credability of both… but then again neither had much credability to begin with… 

How can anyone expect a nation like the Sudan to comply with UN demands to stop the genocide in Darfur when the UN will not back up its demands with a course of action agreed upon when those demands were issued.  UN Demands and Resolutions are are nothing more than hollow threats not worth the paper they are written on.

From Fox News 

VIENNA, Austria — The European Union foreign policy chief probed how far Iran was prepared to meet a U.N. Security Council demand for a uranium enrichment freeze in talks Saturday that could decide whether Tehran is punished with sanctions.

The discussions between Javier Solana and Ali Larijani, Tehran’s top nuclear negotiator, at the Austrian chancellor’s office in Vienna were meant to see if common ground could be found for negotiations between six world powers and Iran over its nuclear defiance.

Solana said he found the talks “constructive and positive,” and he planned to resume them on Sunday, his spokeswoman Cristina Gallach said. Larijani also said the talks were “positive.”

While the five permanent Security Council members and Germany have demanded that Iran fully freeze enrichment as a condition for the talks, Tehran has steadfastly refused to do so.

But the game posts appeared to be shifting slightly as the two men sat down at the Renaissance manor housing the Austrian government leadership’s offices.

European officials, who requested anonymity in exchange for sharing confidential information, told The Associated Press that at least some of the six nations were potentially ready to consider resuming negotiations without an Iranian commitment to an immediate enrichment freeze — if Tehran committed to such a move sometime soon after the start of negotiations with them.


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