Armitage comes clean in outing non undercover agent Plame

Hopefully this will put to rest all the BS by the left insisting Karl Rove be “Frog Marched ” across the White House Lawn… So Will the Liberal Media offer an apology to Rove and the President for the unfounded accusations? Don’t hold your breath.

From the NY Times

Expressing regret for his actions and apologies to his administration colleagues, Richard L. Armitage, the former deputy secretary of state, confirmed Thursday that he was the primary source who first told a columnist about the intelligence officer at the center of the C.I.A. leak case.

“It was a terrible error on my part,” Mr. Armitage said in an interview, discussing his conversations with reporters. He added: “There wasn’t a day when I didn’t feel like I had let down the president, the secretary of state, my colleagues, my family and the Wilsons. I value my ability to keep state secrets. This was bad, and I really felt badly about this.”

Mr. Armitage also confirmed what had long been speculated — that he was the anonymous government official who talked to Bob Woodward, the Washington Post editor and reporter, about the Central Intelligence Agency officer, Valerie Wilson, in June 2003. It is the first known conversation between an administration official and a journalist about her.

Mr. Armitage, who has been criticized for keeping his silence for nearly three years, said he had wanted to disclose his role as soon as he realized that he was the main source for Robert D. Novak’s column on July 14, 2003, which identified Ms. Wilson. But he held back at the request of Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the prosecutor. “He requested that I remain silent,” Mr. Armitage said.

Had Armitage or Colin Powell made public his role in the whole non-outing to begin with the three year political hack job could have been avoided and Millions of Tax Dollars would not have been wasted.    

Mr. Armitage said he first told the authorities about his conversation with Mr. Novak in October 2003, when he read in a follow-up column by Mr. Novak what he believed was a reference to him. That meant Mr. Armitage’s role was known to the Justice Department almost from the outset of the inquiry, two months before Mr. Fitzgerald was named special counsel in the case.

So The Justice Department knew of Armitage’s role, long before Fitzgerald was named as special counsel to uncover the truth about the case, and still continued with the three year dog and pony show at the insistence of Congressional Democrats I am sure..  

The confirmation of Mr. Armitage’s role, long the subject of news media speculation, showed that the initial leak of Ms. Wilson’s identity did not originate from the White House as part of a concerted political attack against her husband, Joseph C. Wilson IV, who had criticized the administration over the Iraq war. Rather it was divulged by a senior State Department official who was not regarded as a close political ally of Mr. Cheney or other presidential aides involved in the underlying issues in the case.

At least the NY Times admits that the non-outing was not part of some sort of political plot.. Now how about that apology to Rove and the President?

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