Annan: Iran should Not be Isolated

From Al-Reuters 

The international community should not isolate Iran, which has indicated it will cooperate in the reconstruction of Lebanon, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan told a Spanish newspaper.

“The international community should count on Iran, not isolate it,” Annan said in an interview with El Pais in Qatar which was published on Tuesday.

Sure count on Iran to continue its development of Nuclear Weapons, its arming of terrorist organizations, to spark another war in Lebanon with Israel, and continue his dangerous rhetoric. Annan continues to show that he is not by any means a neutral mediator when it comes to Iran or Israel… He has clearly chosen sides in the continuing conflict, and the side he has chosen is the one that represents Terror, Oppression, and Totalitarianism….. Perhaps we should Isolate not only Iran but Annan as well..  

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