African Union Set to Pull Out of Darfur

From ABC News

The African Union will pull its troops out of Darfur by Sept. 30 unless Sudan drops its opposition to the deployment of a U.N. peacekeeping force in the war-torn region, a spokesman said Tuesday.

While the African Union Forces have demonstrated that they are incapable of stopping the violence in Darfur, believing the UN could fare any better is ludicrous. If the current government in the Sudan refuses or is incapable of protecting the basic human rights of all of its citizens including those in Darfur then perhaps it is time to force a regime change in Khartoum.  

digg story

UN Warns of Possible Humanitarian Crisis..  

The U.N. secretary-general warned Tuesday that Sudan would bear full responsibility for the worsening humanitarian crisis in Darfur if African Union peacekeepers pull out by month’s end because of the government’s refusal to allow a U.N.-led force to take over.

The cash-starved and understaffed African Union force, whose mandate ends Sept. 30, has been unable to halt the violence in Sudan’s western region. Sudan, which recently launched a new military offensive against rebels in Darfur, has ordered the African Union out if it insists on handing over the mission to the United Nations.

With the UN’s Record of averting Humanitarian crisis’s like in Rawanda, Somalia, The Balkins etc… I am not sure that allowing the UN in will change much of anything other than perhaps the uniform of who is comitting the attrocities..


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